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Please watch the videos below.

Every year, hundreds of kids die in foster care in the United States, many of them taken from their parents through medical kidnapping (PDF, Link). Our story told you what happened in Seattle Children’s Hospital before an attempted medical kidnapping, which started when a doctor filed a false claim against the parents (PDF). Watch the videos below which explain the harsh reality:

Every year, many kids are intentionally taken away by the CPS, some from hospitals. (PDF, YouTube) US media didn't mention the work that caused her death while reporting about her death (Youtube).

British media spoke for the parents: Timeline of Alfie Evans' treatment in Alder Hey Hospital, but no US media is willing to report SCH’s crimes. (PDF, YouTube)

A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members, or children. - from Nancy Schaefer Memorial 2017: A Fathers Plea.(Youtube)

The cruel crimes in Seattle Children’s Hospital should inspire Americans to save lives by preventing hospitals from abusing the CPS to cover their crimes.