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Petition to Washington, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and the US Federal Government

The patient deserves an honest diagnosis of his metabolic condition and etiology of his multiple organ injuries through government investigations to put his care on track as soon as possible, instead of his endless suffering and being cheated for years by the US healthcare system (below) which is turning many doctors to cheats and criminals.

  1. How much exactly are the activity levels of the patient’s two FAOD enzymes – CPT-II and ACAD9 at 37 degrees C and 41 degrees C respectively compared to those of a normal person? Are they deficient?
  2. How were the patient’s liver and pancreas injured? (Plus possible heart, brain, and muscle injuries.)
  3. The family requests that BCM and CCHMC release the patient’s sequencing data, their lab references and standards, and report all mutations related to fat metabolism to the family and doctors. They also request CWRU to release CPT-I/CPT-II ratio at 37 degrees C and 41 degrees C respectively compared to those of a normal person, which are not affected by flask sizes. Did these expensive labs meet American clinical lab standards (PDF)?<.li>

Every year, hundreds of kids die under foster care. Some die after they were taken away for medical neglect (PDF). Unlike tragic Alfie Evans (PDF), this patient’s survival gives the corrupted US government and the evil US health care system a chance to make America a safe place to raise kids, please investigate:

  1. Are the following SCH actions intentional cover-ups for this infant patient’s metabolic condition: cancelling the urine organic acids lab, evading the FAOD diagnosis using the MCT excuse, manipulating the blood timing for plasma acylcarnitine profile lab, stopping the request of the newborn screening (NBS) analyte values to the DOH, and a pathology lab with numerous problems – including a missing core specimen and changing pathologists? What did his original pathologist do on Apr. 18, 2013?
  2. For an infant with acute liver failure and FAOD, SCH transplant program doctors prescribed a formula with more fat than WA state standard, PICU, GI, and metabolic doctors used every chance to introduce more fat in his diet, and they monitored toxic ammonia at the same time. How does the WA DOH handle these SCH crimes?
  3. Who reported that the parents were not giving their son enough protein? If it is a doctor, how can the DOH prevent doctors from abusing Children Protective Service (CPS)?
  4. Sedgwick, a 3rd party hired by SCH, denied all claims without interviewing any doctor they asked for (PDF). Please release all the investigation documents.
  5. The American Medical Genetics failed on the patient, even with all the labs and doctors. Please investigate the cover-up by the division of medical genetics at CHP of UPMC.
  6. Why did the SCH PICU, transplant, and GI directors fail one after another? Were there any higher authorities involved?

The family would like to share all the records they have received, the genetic data, and anything necessary to assist the investigations. These professionals are critical for investigations:
Doctors that helped the family: SCH – Dr. Laura Chen, Jorge D. Reyes, MD; CHP – Benjamin L Shneider, MD; OHSU Yasemen Eroglu, MD; UHs – Jirair Bedoyan, MD, CWRU – Charles Hoppel, MD, CCHMC – William F. Balistreri, MD, Amy T Sheil, MD, Jorge A. Bezerra, MD, and Kevin E. Bove, MD.

Doctors that ignored the patient’s health, some of which harmed the patient on purpose: SCH – Jerry J Zimmerman, MD, PhD, Simon P. Horslen, MD, Karen F. Murray, MD, Sihoun Hahn, MD, PhD, Lawrence Merritt, MD, Evelyn Kanyu Hsu, MD, Erin R. Rudzinski, MD, Pathologist [MA], Rhona Jack, PhD; CHP – Areeg Hassan El-Gharbawy, MD, Gerard Vockley, MD; BCM - Christine M. Eng, MD, Yaping Yang, PhD; CCHMC – Arnold W. Strauss, MD; UCSF Benioff – Philip Rosenthal, MD; CHC – Barbara K. Burton, MD; SCH nurse – MS. Talia Osurman, who told a resident doctor that she knew it was wrong, but she was told to do so around 10:25, Apr 12, 2013.