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SCH did not treat the patient’s partially recoverable acute injuries: fatty change. Instead, they put him on the UNOS transplant waiting list to control him; then tested him PRECISELY for the purpose of poisoning him by overloading his liver with a formula with too much fat.

The treatments of FAOD infants include avoiding fasting and low fat diets: formulas with 10% LCT calories, high carbohydrate foods and MCT supplements.

Harmful Formula Switched Only After Patient Put On Transplant List

1. On Apr 22, SCH put the patient on the transplantation waiting list. They did nothing to treat the patient’s acute injuries for four days after his biopsy on April 18.As soon as his father signed the transplant paperwork at around 10:40, they changed the patient’s formula.

Formulas Tested Covertly

2. They actually did a comparison without telling the parents. First, they gave the patient Pregestimil – which has 20% LCT, plus polycose - a carbohydrate for FAOD patients, reducing his ammonia from 105 to 53 in one day. Then, they gave him Pregestimil ONLY, which increased ammonia to a stable 62, ~2x of the normal max, in two days. The 2nd one is obviously harmful, but the parents did not know until they saw the Nutrition Progress Note years later.

Discharge With Subtly Harmful Formula

3. On Apr 25, 2013, SCH discharged the patient with a diagnosis of End Stage Liver Disease (ESLD) of unknown etiology (reason of disease). SCH prescribed Pregestimil to the patient, without the beneficial polycose*.

Patient Injuries Exaggerated

4. Dr. Simon P. Horslen told the father that the liver was 90% permanently injured and he expected a transplant within 30 days. The parents asked about the patient’s new liver cells as he was just an infant, but Dr. Horslen said the bridging fibrosis left no room for new cells to grow. They would die outside the liver in lumps (as shown above – not the patient’s picture). Dr. Horslen explained more below in his email in red, and denied FAOD (PDF).

The patient’s family calls Dr. Simon P. Horslen the 2nd murderer of SCH and UW.

If they had not changed the formula, the patient would have died in hospital and lawyers may have taken this case. SCH’s plan was to murder him slowly.