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One year of care at SCH was one year of crimes. Former CHP hepatologist, Benjamin L Shneider, MD, was the 1st doctor to refuse to cover for SCH.

Second Opinions

The transplant did not happen as SCH said it would, so the parents became concerned about the unknown etiology. They asked Best Doctors to review his case. Though MGH brought up about 10x more steatosis, or fatty change, UCSF Benioff and Lurie Children’s doctors offered little help. The family quickly fell in the trap as SCH introduced more fat in his diet as often as possible.

July 2014, CHP of UPMC

Areeg Hassan El-Gharbawy, MD, a genetic doctor who took this case from the department chief Gerard Vockley, MD, denied the patient’s FAOD as a representative of the CHP genetics department. She sent everything to Dr. Vockley. (PDF)

Benjamin L Shneider, MD, the director of pediatric hepatology, told the parents, “You will never get a diagnosis in US.”, “A diagnosis is just an opinion.”, and “Find a lawyer.” Dr. Shneider declined to make comments on the patient’s metabolic condition.

Dr. Shneider said that the SCH biopsy showed that permanent injuries were around 5% at the moment of biopsy, no more than 10%. Compared to being told 90% was permanently injured, the parents realized SCH’s crimes. Dr. Shneider said that the other injuries were acute and partially recoverable.

Dr. Shneider promised not to discuss this visit with SCH. (PDF) He left several months later for Texas Children’s.